Why You Should Refrigerate Some Beauty Products And Not Others

What don’t you want to leave out in the heat this summer!


Getty Images / Vincent Besnault Getty Images / Vincent Besnault

If you don’t happen to have central AC in your home and happen to live in a very warm climate at this time of year, you might often see things wilting sooner than usual. While we love summer because it means we can just use our coconut oil straight from the jar—no melting technique required—that doesn’t mean all of our beauty products necessarily benefit from heat. Some very well may chemically break down. Not all beauty products are created equal, however, and some may find extreme cold a bit dehydrating or perhaps even a reason to crumble. That said, it’s probably not a wise decision to just move all your makeup into the fridge. Here’s a brief guide of what to fridge and what to keep in your medicine cabinet.

Prescriptions. If you’re using any prescription acne medication, check the label. Sometimes these…

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