On Sale -Megan Fox’s Instinct Eau de Parfume Spray!

Try the fragrance inspired by Megan for Fox, Avon’s Instinct for Just $12.00!


Avon invites you to “let your instinct take over” with the new fragrance pair – Instinct For Her and Instinct For Him. The fragrances are announced as those which allow you to experience your wildest dreams and unleash your sensual and passionate side.

“This fragrance is for women who want to feel confident, beautiful and comfortable about how sexy they are. I think that’s just a really empowering feeling,” said the actress Megan Fox who, along with model Marlon Teixeira, advertises the new scents.

Instinct For Her is described as captivating, alluring and wild scent of sparkling greens, exotic camellia and sandalwood. It is available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum. (www.fragrantica.com)


Avon’s Instinct Eau de Parfum

Incite your primal desires with this intense fusion of sparkling greens, exotic camellia and a touch of sensual sandalwood. 1.7 fl. oz.

Introducing MEGAN FOX for Avon Instinct – Hollywood star celebrated for her captivating performances in major motion pictures.

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