Why I am not crushing on coconut: Review of Avon’s mark Crushing on Coconut 3-in-1 Body Wash


I was really excited to try the NEW mark crushing on coconut 3 in 1 body wash but sadly have to admit it was a huge let down and I feel compelled to blog because I have no idea how it got the 5/5 stars from Avon’s website (which may change soon because I plan to leave a review soon there too).   I am a huge fan of coconut smelling products and really expected to love this so when Avon had a special representative only discount on mark products than I thought I would try it out.  (For those who don’t know mark is like a subdivision company started by Avon and you can buy Avon and mark products from an Avon Rep. online but not in stores.)

So this product claims to be a “chameleon of a cleanser” where you can use it as a bubble bath, shampoo, and body wash.  It comes in a nice sized bottle which is not too big which I liked because I thought it might make a nice travel companion this summer as a nice smelling coconut all inclusive cleanser that I could easily tote around with me and use like after swimming or an overnight at a friends.

First I tried it as a bubble bath and was disappointment by the lack of scent and mediocre suds.  When you smell the bottle it smells like more like Kahlua  than coconut to me.  There is a faint scent when adding it to the tub but the smell was not noticeable to me after the tub was full.  There were some suds but they faded out fast, nothing like the Avon’s Bubble Delight that I normally use which has lasting bubbles and scent with just 1-2 capfuls.

Last night I was going out to a barbeque so I decided to try it as a shower gel and shampoo for the first time and hopefully show up at the party smelling like coconut.  Well, I didn’t smell like coconut and my hair was frizzy despite the deep conditioner and leave in hair cream I used (it was a hot night).   No one came up to me at the party and told me I smelled like coconut.  I even asked a few people and the consensus was nope.


Coconut with jasmine

mark. Crushing on Coconut 3-in-1 Body Wash

Pros – I like the bottle, it was a nice creamy body wash

Cons – The smell doesn’t last, it isn’t a sudsy bubble bath, not a great shampoo for frizzy hair types

Again I was really hoping to like this product and try other mark body products.  They also make a body butter which I may still try next winter but in a different scent.  I am also still tempted to try the sweet on lemon sugar body mist because I also really like lemon and sugar scents and I also like body sprays.  However Avon Naturals also make a Silky Vanilla Body Spray and it cost less and has a nice lasting scent.  So bottom line for this Avon girl is I will probably stick to the Avon Naturals, Bubble Delight Bubble Bath, and Advanced Techniques (for my hair) which I feel are better products and cost less.

**However, mark does have a NEW bath oil coming soon which I will definitely be trying in the sweet on lemon sugar and will let you know if it is worth the hype 🙂

Your Avon Kat. Avon Rep. Katryna


mark body sets in crushing for coconut, sweet on lemon sugar, passion for plumberry, and dreaming of jasmine

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