See Who Passed NYC’s Pop Up Make Makeover Pop Quiz!

Published on Jun 1, 2015

What if your makeup bag not only made you feel beautiful and confident, but also empowered women around the world? Well, if your stock pile includes some Avon products – and we’re hoping that’s the case – it does! See how a few ladies in New York reacted to a makeover from a secret beauty brand (spoiler alert: that would be yours truly) and a lesson in the company’s unwavering dedication to women’s rights.

Avon offers makeup, skincare, hair products, and more to women the world over, helping to boost their confidence. But we also stand for more than beauty. Avon provides careers in cosmetics to over 6 million Independent Sales Representatives across the globe, helping them to achieve financial independence while maintaining a healthy and fulfilling work-life balance. By purchasing Avon products, you’re not only enhancing your own beauty, but also supporting dedicated and hardworking women and the company that speaks out against domestic violence and takes action against breast cancer. -Avon

Your Avon Kat


Maria Sharapova’s Luck Fragrance


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