Review Avon Naturals NEW Summer Scents Green Tea & Verbena PLUS Blushing Cherry Blossom

end cherry

Avon Naturals is fruit scented body lotions, shower gels, and body sprays made by Avon as clean scents inspired by nature.  Their newest scents for summer are Green Tea & Verbena and Blushing Cherry Blossoms.  These are both limited edition scents and available while supplies last.


The Green Tea & Verbena is a nice fresh outdoorsy scent that is not over powering to wear.  I really like light scents that give a hint of sweetness but not overbearing odor. The lotions is moisturizing and absorbent and I am always happy with the Naturals lotions quality.  The body spray is a nice earthly spritzer which is perfect to freshen up after a hot day.  The shower gel has a nice lather and can be used as a bubble bath too.  The only con I can think of for the Naturals Green Tea & Verbena scent I don’t really smell the citrus but more of the green tea earthiness.

green spray lotion

Avon Naturals Green Tea & Verbena body wash, body spray, and body lotions.  They run between $4-$8 but are always on sale.  Just check out my Avon website and search Naturals or SALE.

stuff 027

As you can see by this spritzer almost being empty I have been really liking it this summer.  The Naturals Blushing Cherry Blossom scent is also fresh and very feminine.  It reminds me somewhat of a fresh cotton smell but also with a light flower note with the Jasmine.  I keep the body spray in my car to spray on me before I get out the freshen up my smell.  This one is available in the spray, lotion, body wash, and bubble bath.  I don’t really smell sweet cherries as much as it is a light sweet floral cottony scent.


Avon Naturals Blushing Cherry Blossom Bubble Delight, body lotion, body wash, and body spray.

Have you ever tired anything from Avon Naturals?  Do you have a favorite scent?

Your Avon Kat. Avon Rep. Katryna. 

Check out my Avon Website for other scents by Avon Naturals and the current sales.

Have a great summer!




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