Quiz To Discover Your Soul-Mate Lipstick Shade


While you may not think twice when swiping on your signature shade, you’ll be surprised to know that your pout’s pigment reveals more than you think. Take Avon’s personality quiz below to discover your perfect match.

To Take Quiz

My Results – Well first off I’d like to say I liked the quiz.  It is very short so it won’t take up too much time, it probably took me 1 minute.  There is a good mix of questions to answer as well as images to chose from which I liked for some reason.  Here are my results…


Your delightful disposition makes you the most loyal of friends. Whether you’ve known someone for five minutes or fifteen years, you are a pro at making people feel at ease. Your empathy and big heart make you everyone’s go-to source for advice and support. The soft, sunset hue of your Peach Petunia lipstick shade is just like you: bright, spirited and inviting.

Get Avon’s Ultra Color Indulgence lipstick in Peach Petunia at avon.com.


What do I think of the results?

Well yes, it is true I am more of a natural makeup lover and have a kind soul, although I do also have a wild side so I would say overall a nice earth shade like the Peach Petunia would be my overall everyday color but I do also like really bright lipsticks, especially this time of year.  I have naturally park lips so if I was to go for a more neutral shade I would just wear lip balm and stick the lipstick all together.

I do really like Avon’s Ultra Color Indulgence Lipsticks.  They are NEW from last spring and are a nice creamy matte with some nice color shades.

1 1.1 1.3

Avon’s Ultra Color Indulgence Lipstick featured Color is Poppy Pink

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Visit Avon’s beauty for a purpose

What are your results?  What is your perfect shade?  Do you agree with the results?  Do you agree your personality description? Did you like the quiz?

Have a fantastic day!




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