Join the Sisterhood of Avon Representatives

Join my Avon Sisterhood

I LOVE being an Avon Rep.  Why do I think you will too?  Do you LOVE makeup and fashion?  Do you LOVE getting the best prices on fantastic products?  How Avon works is very different than other direct sales companies out there today.  You can just be your own customer to get great prices, sneak peeks, demos, and representative only sales on Avon products.  Or you can go to work selling Avon with your own free Avon website/eStore.  Avon has lots of ways to sell through social media and other online sources.  Avon also has brochures every 2 weeks which you can use to sell to friends, family, and people in your community.  You can do online sales or take your own orders that you place directly through Avon.  You can also bring other people into Avon and make a percentage of their sales as well.  Avon has a sliding scale for commission based on your sales.  Sales at $50 or more for a 2 week campaign get a 20% off discount and both your online sales as well as your own orders placed through Avon both count towards your commission.  Every time someone buys something off your eStore you get a 20% commission and it counts towards your sales for that campaign.  Sales of $150 or more you get 30% commission and it goes up to 50% for sales of $1500.  Avon also has leadership opportunities and a presidents club which entitle you to even bigger rewards and incentives.


If you are interested in joining Avon is only costs $15 to start and then you have access to the representative website where there are free online courses to help you get started.  Avon also mails you a free starter kit as well hooks you up with a leader in your community.  If you do decide to join then please use reference code: KATRYNA

I am also happy to help and answer any questions.

Wishing you the very best 🙂 


Click here to learn more and register with Avon



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