10 Minute Beauty Routine for Glowing Skin by Louise Roe

Front Roe by Louise Roe:  My 10 Minute Beauty Routine for Glowing Skin!


Let’s talk beauty. There are so many products and spa treatments out there, it’s hard to know where to start when developing a skincare routine that works for you. I’m in my early thirties, and suddenly this year, became aware that I should be adding anti-aging products to my skincare regime. Living in LA and often filming outside, I’m a lot more conscious of protecting my face from getting wrinkles and sun damage. Pollution, stress, you name it… there are so many factors that make it tricky to keep my skin staying fresh and vibrant. Plus, with my job, I am traveling so much – the constant change of climate, jet-lag and dry airplane cabins play havoc on my skin. I notice more fine lines and dryness when I’m on the road this much (around 2 planes a week!), so I need to pay extra attention to my skin.

First, I make a point to treat my skin from the inside out and try to counteract all the negatives with a healthy, nutritious diet (daily doses of coconut oil and avocados really help hydrate my skin), plus lots of water. My secret weapon is Avon’s Anew Power Serum, there’s a very visible difference after using it for a few weeks. It absorbs so quickly that I’m able to put it on before applying my daily sunblock, and then again at night after washing my face before a heavier night cream. It just fits in nicely with my routine. Its Advanced Boost Technology works by working on five specific things – hydration, texture, radiance, wrinkles, and firmness. All of which I can see drastic improvements in my skin but especially with the little lines around my eyes, the hydration needed on my cheeks, and the overall radiance of my face, when I look in the mirror.

Secondly, I’ve got my makeup routine down pat. When I’m running from a meeting, to a runway show, to a shoot – I need a fast makeup routine that I know will last all day – I am lucky if I have a few minutes in the morning after my shower, so it’s gotta be quick! I often want a look that’s glam but also natural, so Avon’s Big & False Mascara is perfect – you get those thick, long lashes without the fuss and mess of strip lashes and glue. I usually apply a BB cream, primer or tinted moisturizer (or all three mixed together), then a dab of concealer, blush and lip balm: that’s it. Quick, easy and natural.

PS – I shared my tips on career, beauty, etc. with Avon’s BeautyforaPurpose.com. Check it out!

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Get the look: Power Serum and Big & False Lash Volume Mascara, both by AVON


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