Boss Beauty: Find Your Power Nail Color

d5Whether they’re a classic color or sparkly and statement-making, your nails reveal insight on everything from your mood (cheerful!) to your style (edgy) to your career persona (go-getter). Flashy fingers can help break the ice (countless conversations have started from the complement, “love your mani!”), boost confidence (who doesn’t feel better after looking down at pretty polished fingers?), or become part of your go-to look. And as for what’s work appropriate, nail styles have evolved from one-color wonders to mini canvases — eccentric appliqués, 3-D embellishments and geometric patterns encouraged.

Whether your #ManiMonday is forever changing or you’re steadfast in your signature shade, it’s time to discover your optimal power mani.

Let your fingers do the talking: Click “Let’s Play!” on our quiz below to find your spirit shade.



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