Review of Windswept Body Mist, part of the new mark. bath and body collection

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mark. Windswept Body Mist is part of the new bath and body collection available this spring through  Wearing this body mist reminds me of a stormy spring day as there is an alluring whimsical feeling when I spray it on. The notes are grapefruit and cedar wood.  There is no sweet or fruity smell. The scent is light and fresh which is perfect for spring and summer.  I have been spraying it on my pillow before I go to bed at night to help me unwind. I have been very happy with this purchase.


Here is what Avon says about his product:

mark. Windswept Body Mist.  Feel the breeze and let your spirit soar with this exhilarating mix of sparkling grapefruit orchid essence and cedarwood. This mist not only adds a hint of scent to the skin, it also leaves it refreshed and hydrated. 6.7 fl . oz.

• Lightly scents the skin
• Leaves skin refreshed and hydrated
• Can also be misted on hair to leave it slightly scented

• Spray mist all over body as needed

Made in USA


Windswept Bath and Body Collection

In this article:


mark. Windswept Body Mist


by Kat, Your Avon Kat, Avon & mark. rep.


Spring Style


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