The Hunting Ground – Documentary On College Campus Sexual Assault, trailer and action tool kit

the-hunting-groundThe Hunting Ground is a documentary that explores the rampant issue of sexual assault on college campuses across the country. After watching the film, you may feel enraged, frustrated, disheartened, or stunned by the widespread inaction to address sexual violence on U.S. college campuses. Or perhaps you’re feeling inspired by the courage of survivors and activists featured in the film.

Now is the time to channel all those feelings into action. The Avon Foundation has funded the creation of a Toolkit to empower key audiences—students, parents, alumni, faculty, advisors and administrators—with ways to participate. – To see more and download the action tool kit visit:

The Hunting Ground Official Website and to watch full movie –

by Kat, Your Avon Kat


Empowerment Charm Bracelet

$1 will be donated to the Avon Foundation to fund programs to end violence against women.

One in three women worldwide will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. At Avon, we are committed to empowering women. The Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program has committed nearly $50 million, in over 50 countries, to organizations and programs focused on awareness, education, direct services and prevention programs to help end the cycle of domestic and gender violence.

Avon Foundation for Women — Learn more at






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