Maria Sharapova’s Mother’s Day Tribute

29183fc120758e57037bb9fd9ba33999For someone who has put in so many hours perfecting her tennis game, Maria Sharapova — model, UN Goodwill Ambassador and the face of Avon Luck — is impressively well rounded. According to the five-time Grand Slam champion, she owes much of that to her mom, who, even in the midst of intense practice sessions, took her to the ballet and made sure that she finished her homework. “I spent so many hours committing to one thing,” said Sharapova. “She always wanted me to know that there was this whole world out there that I could explore.” But the influence of her mother Yelena didn’t stop there. Check out the short video below to see her singular influence on her daughter, who continues to impresses us both on the court and off. (See original post in Avon’s beauty for a purpose)


Maria Sharapova | Advice from My Mom | Mother’s Day with Avon


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