The Avon Opportunity: Beauty Lovers Wanted

 We all have a WHY to start something great. Women joining Avon each have a unique reason for becoming an Avon Representative. Avon is honored to share some of their stories.

My name is Kat and I am an Avon Rep.  My #1 reason for being an Avon Rep is the best access to great sales on amazing beauty products, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and clothes.  Also selling Avon is fun, a great way to meet new people, and gives you the ability to work from home while making some extra cash.  Once you enroll you have access to the Avon University which teaches you everything you need to know to start.  Avon also mails you a free starter kit as well hooks you up with a leader in your community.  Plus you get your own website!  Visit mine to get an idea – Your Avon Kat’s Website

Visit the Avon Opportunity for more information and to get started today.


Your Avon Kat





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