Olivia Wilde has recently announced that she is expecting her second child, hear her tribute to her own Mother and how she inspired the women she is today.


Olivia Wilde, actress, face of Avon perfume, activist, and most importantly Mom, has recently announced she is expecting her second child.  Last year, Avon interviewed Olivia about her own Mom and how she helped to inspire her become the women that she is today.  Read InStyle Magazine’s recap of her Avon interview – #JustLikeMyMother

“My mom is one of the most fearless women I know. She is the reason I grew up thinking it was actually possible to achieve my own dreams. I feel lucky to share her genes, and I hope to have some of her courage (not to mention energy). I act, write, direct, and produce, but maybe I’ll jump tracks one day too, and finally become the break-dancing, opera-singing chef I’ve always secretly felt I was meant to be.” — Olivia Wilde, Actress and Humanitarian

Wishing all Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day Sunday May 8th.

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