DIY Fundraising – learn how Avon can help you to start your own fundraiser!


Avon can help you to start your own fundraiserideas_athletic

Have you though about hosting a fundraiser for a good cause but not sure how to get started?  The Avon Foundation for women is here to help! Do-It-Yourself Fundraising is intended for individuals, schools, teams, or other nonprofit entities interested in fundraising for the Avon Foundation.  The Avon Foundation has fundraising possibilities for breast cancer crusade and speak out on domestic violence campaigns.

Be Creative ideas_creative

The only limit is your imagination. Throw a car wash, silent auction, bake sale, athletic event, yard sale, pancake breakfast, dinner party, ice cream social, cocktail night, and more.


Register your event with Avon, and you can:  diy_fundraising_logo

  • Create your own fundraising webpage where people can make online donations.
  • Send e-mails to your contacts to get their support and donations.
  • Access our fundraising email and letter templates — use as is or personalize them with your own story.
  • Invite friends to participate and fundraise with you by forming a team (they will each get their own online fundraising page.



Click here for more details and to get started with your fundraiser today!

by Kat, your Avon Kat, Avon Rep. Katryna. Visit my Avon Website.


Get Started on your fundraiser today!





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